TruthFinder Releases Reverse Address Lookup Feature

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San Diego, CA - TruthFinder, a public records search engine founded in 2015, recently released its Reverse Address Lookup feature to all TruthFinder users. By entering almost any address in the United States, users can view location details that include crime statistics, points of interest, possible neighbors, nearby sex offenders and more, when available.

TruthFinder's Reverse Address Lookup is available for both commercial and residential addresses.

The tool is an easy-to-use option for users who have recently moved to a new neighborhood, travelers to new and unfamiliar areas or people who simply want to learn more about a location's demographics. In terms of personal safety, the Reverse Address Lookup feature can be used to view an area's crime statistics by type and count, and it clearly displays the location of nearby sex offenders.

Address Lookup Report

Commercial And Residential

Address Lookup reports pulls accurate, relevant data from a range of official sources. Users can access data like income demographics, top interests, age demographics, census data, congressional district information and more.

Developer Adam Rich said, "The team behind TruthFinder wants to make it simple for anyone to find the information they're looking for, and the Reverse Address Lookup feature shows it all. In addition to a lot of other information, the feature makes it easy to find sex offenders in a specific area, which is invaluable information if you're moving into a new neighborhood."

Users can also search for additional information by running a full background check with a person's name, email address or phone number. A background check can include details like contact information, location history, available criminal records, social media profiles and more.

For a nominal fee, users can upgrade any standard background report to a premium report. Premium background checks can include information like business affiliations, hunting and weapons permits, and property ownership data.

TruthFinder's Reverse Address Lookup feature is available now for all TruthFinder members.


TruthFinder is an online service that provides public record, people finder and criminal record information to members on a subscription basis. TruthFinder utilizes data from state, federal and various local sources, which have been aggregated and made available electronically.

TruthFinder's user-friendly reports compile public records describing people living in the U.S. Some of the databases that TruthFinder utilizes include state sex offender information, county arrest records, court dockets, census records and various other public records. TruthFinder does not provide consumer reports, nor is it a consumer-reporting agency, and it may not be used for consumer credit, insurance, employment, tenant screening or any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). For the latest updates and information, please visit TruthFinder's member care website.