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Learn how to sign up for a TruthFinder account

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How-To: Create a TruthFinder Account

Signup for Truthfinder

Instructions: Account Creation

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the name you want to search
  3. Click on the name you want to background check
  4. Let us search through millions of records
  5. You will receive an email from TruthFinder (make sure you check your spam folder)
  6. Register for the plan of your choice
  7. Run unlimited background checks on anyone and everyone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can I Search For On TruthFinder?

You can search for your friends, your family, or even yourself. Pick somebody who you’re really curious about. To make the results more accurate, choose a state as well.

For a list of things you can't use TruthFinder for, click here.

What If There Are Multiple Results For The Same Name?

Your search may bring up several results. Click on the one that appears most accurate. Not sure which one to pick? Just choose the one that’s the closest match to the person you’re looking up. Don’t worry about getting it wrong. You’ll be able to pull as many reports as you want after you sign up.

Why Don't I Get Instant Results My First Search

We have a lot of names in our database, so it may take a few minutes to find the person you’re looking for. After your initial search, all following searches should take about 30-45 seconds to complete.

What Is Inlcluded With My TruthFinder Membership?

For a low monthly fee, you get access to our database. After you create your account, you should receive a confirmation email.

You are now a TruthFinder member. Welcome to the club. You get to sign in any time with your password-protected account and see what juicy secrets our database can reveal.

Now comes the fun part. Look up your neighbors. Look up your friends. And definitely look up your parents. You can pull as many reports as you like, so you might as well look up every single person you’re curious about. Ever wonder where your 4th grade crush is now? Search their name and you might be able to find their address, social media accounts, and other contact information.

To make things easier for you and maintain your subscription, we automatically renew your plan at the end of each billing cycle. You can cancel at any time, either through the TruthFinder dashboard or by calling our member care department at (800) 699-8081.

After you sign up, you can track your orders from your dashboard.

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