Is TruthFinder Safe?

Learn how we keep your information safe and secure.

Author: Ed Smith

Updated: 7/14/2017

How-To: Check your browser security settings while using TruthFinder

Is TruthFinder Really Safe?

Yes, TruthFinder is 100% safe.

We made it a rule that we would only create a site we would want our friends and family to use. Running a public records search on TruthFinder is safe, secure, and completely confidential. Using TruthFinder will not give your computer a virus or make you vulnerable to hackers. In fact, we go to great lengths to make our site as safe and secure as possible.

To learn about the software we use to keep your information private, click here.

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How Does TruthFinder Ensure A Safe Digital Experience?

We use 128-bit encryption to secure connections to our website. Sending your email, password, credit card, or Paypal information is always secure.

TruthFinder Norton Security Verification

Norton Web Security Logo

TruthFinder SSL Certificate

When you visit, you’ll see a green padlock in front of the “https” in your browser’s URL (by the way, the “s” in “https” stands for secure). This padlock means that TruthFinder has a verified and approved SSL certificate, ensuring that our customer’s online transactions remain confidential and secure.

Is My Credit Card Information Safe?

TruthFinder does not store your credit card information. Your credit card is stored with our PCI certified partners — NEVER on our own systems. This means that your information is completely secure. Even if something happened to our network, your cardholder information would not be affected.

Is My Email Address Safe?

We use your email address to communicate with you about services and share other important information. All emails we send will come from or If you get an email from a different domain that claims to be TruthFinder, please report it to us.

Customer Privacy

When you do a background check on someone, they will NEVER be notified that you searched for their report. Your search history is private, so you’re free to look up anyone you want. Get answers to questions you’re too embarrassed to ask!

How Does TruthFinder Keep My Password Safe?

Your password will always be completely private. Your TruthFinder passwords are not recoverable, and member care representatives will never ask you for your password.

We take cyber security seriously, which is why we’ve devoted an entire section of our blog to online safety. Here, you’ll find a number of resources and articles to help people protect themselves from hackers, malware, and other online dangers.