How To Leave A TruthFinder Review

Learn the best way to leave a review and submit errors.

How-To: Leave a TruthFinder review

Leave a Review sample

How Do I Leave A TruthFinder Review?

  1. Go to TruthFinder.Reviews
  2. Click the the blue "Leave A Review" button in the upper-right corner
  3. Fill out your first name and last name initial (i.e. Jason S.)
  4. Enter a title for your review (ex: TruthFinder Rocks!)
  5. Write a review at least 50 characters long describing your experience with TruthFinder
  6. Select a star rating that reflects your experience (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best experience)
  7. Click the blue "Submit Review" button
  8. Choose if you would like to submit the review using your account
  9. If you select "No", please provide a valid email address
  10. If you chose "Yes", please provide the email address used to create your TruthFinder account

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does TruthFinder Improve Background Checks With Customer Feedback?

It takes a lot of people to make TruthFinder work its magic. This product is a collaboration between developers, designers, data specialists, and a whole bunch of other industry experts who wanted to build something great. But the most important contributor to this site is you. When you become a member of TruthFinder, you are also a partner who helps us improve our product.

While we are providing a quality experience, we’re always striving to do better. And when you let us know what we’re doing right, we can improve on how you learn about the data in public records. When you give us recommendations based on your experience with our product, we know exactly what to work on. That’s why every TruthFinder review is so important to us. They fuel growth, innovation, and give us an accurate picture of how well we’re satisfying our members.

TruthFinder Reviews

We’ve created a site specifically for real TruthFinder members to share their experience with the world: You can write a review and rating of how much you liked pulling background check reports on TruthFinder. Did you find everything you were looking for? Are there any cool features you’d like to see? Do you have any concerns? We want you to let us know about your experience. We built this site to serve our customers, so your feedback lets us know how we can continue to maintain a quality product for our members.

Are All Reviews Read?

We don’t just collect reviews for the fun of it. Every single time a member submits a review, it’s read by a member of our staff. We work every day with one goal in mind: to be the most trustworthy way to access public records. We strive to have the most accurate records, the tightest security, and the most satisfied members around. When you tell us about your experience, that’s good news for us. Because it means we know how to give you an even better online background check service.

How Are We Doing?

Want to let us know how we’re doing? Do you have an idea for a cool feature for the site? Want to tell your story about your experience with TruthFinder? Email us at [email protected]. A real member support representative will read it. We’re working every day to help make this site better. But sometimes it takes the insight of our members to help us take TruthFinder to the next level.

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