Is TruthFinder Legit?

Learn more about our world-class background search engine.

Author: Ed Smith

Updated: 7/14/2017

Safer Background Checks

Before you sign up for TruthFinder, you might ask yourself, “OK, is this website really legitimate?” We don’t blame you. In fact, we appreciate your skepticism. With so many shady online businesses out there, it’s hard to know when you’ve found a company that’s truly honest and dependable.

That’s why designed a background check website we can stand behind. We built a product that we can (and do) recommend to our family. That’s how we know it’s good enough for our members.

You can rest assured that the data in our reports comes from real, official sources. TruthFinder is a safe and reliable website. We do everything we can to make sure that our reports are accurate and credible.

There’s No TruthFinder Scam or Rip-off

We’re no fly-by-night operation. We’ve been doing this since 2015, and our mission has always been the same: to give all our members more value than they expect every time they pull an online background report.

That means TruthFinder is not a fraud or a rip-off. We know this world is full of scammers who care more about grabbing people’s cash than building a service that makes their lives easier. Frankly, we don’t know how those scammers can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.

As a company, our goal is to provide affordable, useful, and accurate online background checks to people in the United States.

Please remember that we simply compile public data. We do not own the public record databases. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, the information in your report may be incomplete or out-of-date. If this has happened to you, we sincerely apologize! We do everything in our power to make our reports as accurate as possible, but some states and counties do not release their records to the public, which sometimes impacts the quality of our data.

If you ever notice inaccurate data in a report, just click “remove.” That simple action helps us improve TruthFinder for our members.

TruthFinder Charter

Our product charter outlines our mission, vision, and values. Here are a few important takeaways from the TruthFinder charter.

  • We will strive to delight our customers and nurture our relationship with them. The overall customer experience will put TruthFinder users in control of their memberships and maintain the confidentiality of their searches.
  • The user experience will be clean, modern, and easy for anyone to understand. It will be clear what value we can provide and what we can’t. We want true feedback directly from customers to create a user community so we can further engage with and understand our customers’ needs.
  • We understand that advertising sets the initial expectations, and we want them to be in line with the features and experience we provide.
  • We value the ability to quickly change to meet market needs and internal insights into the effects of optimizations.
  • We will seek out market insights, maintain the right TruthFinder image, and broaden the appeal of our services while delivering on the expectations these set. We will not market or advertise low-quality data.
  • At the heart of TruthFinder is the delivery of public records data. We will strive to find the highest-quality, most accurate data.
  • We will maintain the highest standards for reliability and continue to keep high customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so if you have questions or concerns about TruthFinder, please give us a call at (800) 699-8081, or visit our TruthFinder reviews page to let us know what you think.